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Progress Made Toward Social Media Standards

It is exciting to see this kind of progress being made toward social media standards – especially on a such a global scale!

Tim Marklein (@tmarklein) and Katie Paine (@kpaine) of #SMMStandards presented a road map to social media standards at the 4th European Summit on Measurement in Dublin.

The road map includes contributions from cross-industry collaboration including AMEC, Council of PR Firms, Institute for Public Relations, PRSA, Global Alliance, CIPR, IABC, SNCR, Web Analytics Association, WOMMA, and key clients Dell, Ford, Procter & Gamble, SAS, Southwest Airlines, Thomson Reuters.

Here is an excerpt from the presentation (complete presentation embedded below):

The Need for Standards

Social media has moved well beyond experimentation phase

  • Chasing fans and followers is insufficient
  • Clients need to justify/maintain/expand investment

Marketplace is demanding standards

  • Common language for clients, agencies and research firms
  • Unify perspective/metrics across communications disciplines

Accelerate shift from low-level counting to higher-level value

  • Enable comparison across programs/brands/organizations
  • Increase reliability of data and methods
  • Foster competition based on insights not “black boxes”

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