Progress Made Toward Social Media Standards

It is exciting to see this kind of progress being made toward social media standards – especially on a such a global scale!

Tim Marklein (@tmarklein) and Katie Paine (@kpaine) of #SMMStandards presented a road map to social media standards at the 4th European Summit on Measurement in Dublin.

The road map includes contributions from cross-industry collaboration including AMEC, Council of PR…

Keep your mobile campaigns from fizzling out on impact!

Your mobile ad is finally ready in the new Google AdWords for Mobile and you are excited about reaching the unsaturated mobile audience. But have you thought your campaign all the way through? Once you reach this mobile demographic, where will you send them? Hopefully, you plan to send them to a page that is optimized for the mobile Web.

You already know the best…

4 Step Framework for Measuring Social Media Success

Facebook Insights

Social media strategists agree that there is no one, established framework to measure social media success. However, there are general tactics you can apply to just about any social media strategy.
This article can help you develop a social media measuring framework that can work for your individual social media strategy and goals.
Step 1: Know Your Goals
Any good marketing plan starts wit…

Smartphone Users Are Not PC Users


Mobile device users don’t use their smartphones and tablets to access the Internet the same way they use their desktop computers.
Mobile device users don’t typically “surf” the Internet using mobile devices. Their motives tend to be more intentional and action-based. They usually know what it is they are looking for and are more likely to act once they find it. Consumers use mobile search mostly…

Verify Your Google Plus Page Video

Have you linked your Google Plus page to your website?

It is important for exposure and good placement for both your Google Plus page and your website to verify your Google Plus page by linking it to your website. SMC webinar facilitator, Deltina Hay, shows you how in this video tutorial:

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