Content Still Necessary in 2011

By all estimates, content is still king in 2011. Hubspot recently released a good deal of its 2010 research data that a number of marketers and online management teams rely upon. One of the tidbits that struck me this morning was the fact that content generation and management through blogging continues to create additional traffic through inducing backlinks and conversations.

The outcome of these conversations is purchase and brand conversions, expanded positive identities, and myriad engagement opportunities. Additionally, blogs remain a location for collecting conversation content from other social media spaces and/or providing material for conversations in those locations. Considering a healthy number of social sites tend toward very short conversations, blogs may also provide additional spaces for expanding conversations in terms of added information and additional invitation for followership to contribute and engage one another.

Content is still necessary. Blogs can still be useful in managing that content. And if the projections for social media bundling hold true for 2011, the “old” social media technology may become imperative once more.