Social Media Trends & Predictions

I thought I’d take a moment this morning and mention a few of the trends social media folks are predicting in 2011.

  • Predicts:

1. Social Media will become a single, cohesive experience embedded in our activities and technologies.

2. Social Media Innovation will no longer be limited by technology.

3. Mobile will take center stage.

4. Expect an intense battle as people and companies look to own their own content.

5. Enterprises will shape the next generation of what we’ve called “social media.”

6. ROI will be measured & it will matter.

7. Finally:  Real, cool and very bizarre online-offline integration.

8. Many “old” skills will be needed again.

9. Women will rule social media.

10. Social Media will move into new domains.

  • Predicts:

1. Google’s Social Networking efforts flop spectacularly.

2. Myspace is sold.

3. Bebo gets a new owner.

4. No Facebook IPO in 2011.

5.  Twitter Boring in 2011.

6. Growth of Mobile Photos.

Given the predicted expansion and qualitative evolution of social media technology & behavior, it is clear we are living in “interesting times.”  Here’s to a great 2011!