Twitter Versus Facebook For Elite Companies

In an earlier post I asked if Twitter and Facebook were engaged in a kind of fisticuffs over who is the dominant player in social media land. Quite honestly it’s not really a deathmatch as the two social spaces convey very different types of information and provide very different levels of communication. Users also recognize the incredibly diverse sharing opportunities both of these spaces afford. However, recent research at UM Dartmouth (and talked about on blogs such as indicate that Twitter has become the choice du jour for a number of large companies.

In fact more elite companies now have Twitter accounts than Facebook accounts, while recent Twitter usage has grown for these companies by leaps and bounds. While little predictive value can be derived from such information, it may provide strategic insight for entities seeking to engage and/or build relationships with these for profit elites. Additionally, recognizing the usage trends for these organizations may clue us all in to where marketing resources will be focused in the short term. Can you tweet “mergers, acquisitions & midsizing” in 140 characters or less?